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Turn passive videos into interactive lessons
that give feedback and reteach for student growth.

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Brainitz offers any number of individualized plans, customized to the needs and use cases of different schools and teachers across the country.

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Reinventing individualized learning one student at a time
The effectiveness of blended learning through Brainitz is not only sound in principle, but also in practice. Hear some testimonials from former and current Brainitz instructors, administrators, and students.
Mike Miles
Former Superintendent
Dallas Unified Schools
  • "Brainitz honors the expertise and skills of teachers as a collective resource."

Brendan Landry
Innovation Manager
  • "Super useful for students and teachers. The data was clear and easy to access."

Patrick Cush
Executive Director
Launch High School
  • "Brainitz is a great tool that brings student accountability into blended learning."

Mike Herr
Technology Educator
Steele Elementary School
  • "A very easy to use and powerful tool. Brainitz is the future of flipped learning."

Erin Ahnfeldt
10th Grade English
Doherty High School
  • "Brainitz grabbed my students interest and kept them engaged through the entire lesson."

Clint Knox
9th Grade English
Doherty High School
  • "Whether I'm dealing with advanced or lower-level learners, Brainitz is the best option out there."


We understand that Brainitz software is a big leap from other, more traditional teaching styles. To make you feel more comfortable with the transition, confide in our many partners.

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Take a first-hand tour of the Brainitz user experience on behalf of Clint Knox, the site's founder.
Our preview features outlooks from both the student and teacher accounts, giving a comprehensive glimsp into our platform's functionality.